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Article • July 7, 2011

A Must See

Share Links With A Virtual Billboard

If you haven’t noticed, Team Netted team is pretty good at sharing the great things we find online. And while our traditional mediums are daily emails, smoke signals and nautical flags, we’re always open to new ways to communicate.

We’ve started using Bre.ad to make link sharing a little more fun, funny and eye-catching. It not only shortens links for social sharing, but it also lets you share what they call a “personal billboard” with everyone who clicks on the link.

So, what’s a personal billboard? It’s really just a webpage with a message and images, and it’s a great way to share recent photos, charitable causes or just a bit of your personality with the links you’re sharing. The sky (and 140 characters) is the limit!

In Bre.ad parlance, these virtual billboards are called “toasts,” which is almost unbearably clever but very apt: they function like quick shout-outs for your favorite causes. And after just a few seconds, people are escorted from your toast to the link you’re sharing.

We’ll be using bre.ad to get the word out about our new speed metal/smooth jazz fusion band. We can’t wait to share bands photos and our first single, “Dark Anger On A Smooth Sailing Sunday.”