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Article • July 11, 2011

Get Outta Here

Share Travel Plans And Advice With Friends

Traveling like a pro involves packing smart, booking early and coming up with a good excuse to take time off from work. We’re big fans of “the family seahorse farm in the Maldives needs tending to!”

But great travel also requires friends, which is why we love gtrot. It lets you share travel plans in seconds, find friends in your destination, and collect travel advice from people you trust.

Gtrot links with your Facebook to find friends who live in your destination, will be there at the same time, or who have been there before. You could end up with a friend to guide you around during your trip, or at the very least get advice on where to score the best taco in town.

Our travel plans and social lives haven’t overlapped this seamlessly since we went to the national Friendster meetup back in 2004. The best part? If you’re traveling to a major US city, they’ll even hook you up with the best daily deals from sites like Groupon before you go.

Of course, you could always just travel with your parents but that would mean… traveling with your parents.