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Article • July 12, 2011

Video Feed

Share 15-Second Video Clips Of Your Life

If every picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth a ka-billion words. We’ll check our math, but we think that’s about right.

For priceless communications, try Tout’s 15-second video status updates. The free iPhone app can easily share your clips via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Tout enables you show the world how you live your life, moment to moment. It’s just like having your own reality show, except your zany antics and verbal slip-ups won’t land you on the cover of tabloids… hopefully.

Non-iPhone users will be happy to know that an Android app is on the way. But you can still find and follow friends and celebrities – everyone from journalists to pop stars have gotten involved. If you are too shy to post, you can just watch other people’s Tout streams to see their lives unfold.

And if you want to use Tout to retire like Shaq did, make sure you let your bosses know well in advance.