Hack and Personalize Typical IKEA Furniture - Netted
Article • July 15, 2011

Hack and Personalize Typical IKEA Furniture

Purchase custom designs for your IKEA furniture with Mykea

Look around you. Are you surrounded by Malms, Poängs, and Grundtals? Run! Just kidding – IKEA’s ubiquitous furniture lines probably aren’t out to get you, unless you’re tortured by having the same furniture as everybody else.

If you do feel threatened try Mykea, whose custom vinyl designs are an easy way to personalize your IKEA furniture.

Mykea offers easy-to-install custom decals designed specifically for popular IKEA furniture items. Lack table lacking? Malm shelves too calm? Decorating them is the best way to get the most out of your furniture investment. Mykea will also create custom decals of your own design, if you’re feeling creative.

And even if you’re cursed with an allergy to particleboard, you can still dress up your home with their awesome selection of vinyl wall decals.

After all, you spent hours shopping, schlepping and building your IKEA furniture. Shouldn’t it reflect your personality a little better than bare pine? (No offense if you’re a pine tree.)