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Article • July 19, 2011

Fork It Over

Find Fantastic Recipes Everyone Is Talking About

We have to admit… we were disappointed when it turned out Punchfork wasn’t about super-hip reviews of fruit drinks.

Instead Punchfork teaches you to make your own delicious beverages (and food!) with their inspiring recipes curated via social media.

The site measures how often recipes are shared and discussed, with the most talked-about recipes earning higher popularity scores. It’s a handy measure for how appealing, seasonal, or just plain delicious any given recipe sounds.

Recipes come from a variety of quality sites, like Epicurious, The Kitchn, Serious Eats, 101 Cookbooks and Pioneer Woman, and are added just minutes after being published elsewhere on the web.

Be forewarned, the display format is not for the hungry: Oversize magazine-style photos make browsing inspirational but mouthwatering. For the more practical user, it’s easy to search by ingredients (perfect for when all you have in the fridge is broccoli, eggs, and 4 boxes of baking soda).

It’s the perfect excuse to don a novelty apron and oven mitts, and maybe even cook something while wearing them!