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Article • July 21, 2011

Home Makeover

Design And Plan Your New Rooms

Interior design is hard. We weren’t trying to build the world’s ugliest night table by stacking our bank statements, but it appears we’ve succeeded anyway. But at least we can admit when we need help.

Interior design makeovers start with mydeco. Their 3D design studio lets us create entire virtual rooms to try design changes without any commitment.

If you have specific specs, you can build your virtual room with the exact dimensions you need, or even upload your own photos to get started.

If you’re just looking to mess around (aka get inspired), you can start with a pre-constructed room for a little more flexibility and a little less stress. There’s also a digital moodboard creator to gather your favorite design items and décor themes in one spot.

Looking for a small change? Just browse any of the 3 million furniture products available for purchase. Search everything from designs to specific furniture pieces until you find that item that really brings your room together.

It’ll be the first time our living room will be intentionally retro and not just the result of hand-me-downs.