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Article • July 22, 2011

Babble Lists

Learn Basic Phrases Or A Whole New Language

Learning another language is great for everything from going on vacation to just going to the movies… and it can help prevent sparking an international incident while trying to order a latte abroad.

After downloading TripLingo and spending some time on Memrise, our language skills are finally travel-worthy. TripLingo apps specialize in teaching 7 languages on iOS devices, while Memrise boasts an ever-expanding learning database with languages like Swedish, Mandarin and Words Lewis Carroll Made Up.

Every TripLingo language pack available uses flash cards and audio pronunciation to help you remember important phrases, words, slang and numbers on the go. You can even choose to learn formal or friendly dialect with a simple sliding scale. Planning a trip to the Caribbean? We suggest downloading and studying how to speak Pirate before you go (it’s free).

Memrise uses a quiz-based method paired with videos, explanations and animated pictures to help you remember definitions. It keeps track of the words you’ve mastered and adds on more as you progress. And did we mention they offer an incredible array of languages and topics?

We think these learning tools are, as the French say, “really, really awesome.” (We still have some studying to do)