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Article • July 25, 2011

Organize Your Shopping Wishlist in One Place

Create the perfect online wishlist with Whimventory

At Netted, we believe that perfect planning, perfect priorities and perfect perfection result in perfect and punctual performance. We also believe that getting presents is the greatest thing ever, so we always make sure we’re ready to provide guidance to gift-giving family and friends.

Whimventory strives to make sure you get what you want with their universal wishlist. The well designed service makes it easy to add items from any online store you’re visiting.

Once you’ve signed up and installed the browser bookmarklet, adding items to your list is as easy as clicking a button – you never even have to leave the site you’re visiting. Whimventory is simple to use, meaning whoever you pass your list along to will have no problem following it… unless they’re intentionally trying to make you angry with a bad gift.

If you’re planning a wedding, getting psyched for the holidays or simply being a smart shopper, Whimventory is a great way to keep everything organized. Even if you’re not planning on sharing it with family, it’s a good way to remember what purchases you may want to make for yourself.

We’ve added everything from pint glasses to powerboats to our lists. We know that long-lost oil tycoon relative will come forth sometime soon.