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Article • July 27, 2011

Turn Heartfelt Emails into Handwritten Letters of Art

Have an email sent as a letter with Snail Mail My Email

Every day we try to use the magic of the Internet to brighten our readers’ days.  Today we’re hoping you can pass it on, and use the power of email to brighten someone else’s.

Snail Mail My Email is a month-long project that aims to bring back the uplifting feeling of receiving an actual hand-written letter. They’re literally transcribing your emails to deliver handwritten notes – and hopefully that happy feeling of finding a letter in your analogue mailbox.

Want to say hi to your mom? Your 3rd grade teacher? Your boss? The President? The sky (and 100 words) is the limit. Once you’ve finished, just send off your email to snailmailmyemail@gmail.com and their international network of 180 volunteers will transcribe and send your message, all free of charge.

And what letter would be complete without a little something extra? You can request a doodle, a flower petal, a spray of perfume or cologne, or even a lip stick kiss. We’re pretty sure trying any of those over email will result in a very broken hard drive.

It inspires us to send more letters, and also to get the ball rolling on our “page your loved ones” campaign.