Use a Search Engine without Getting Tracked - Netted
Article • July 28, 2011

Use a Search Engine without Getting Tracked

Search simply, safely and without spammy ads with DuckDuckGo

We have a pair of Chuck Norris dolls we’ve tied together that we call our nunchucks. That’s just one example of how seriously we take living our lives like ninjas.

Our commitment to stealthy and indiscreet living also includes using DuckDuckGo as our default search engine. They only have minimal advertising, but collect absolutely none of your personal information.

Results appear in a continuous list so scrolling for the right link is as effortless as it is secure. A number of keyboard shortcuts and search options make both searching and heading to the site you need easier than ever.

They also have what they call “zero click information” that appears when you search for facts. “Age of Bruce Lee” or “weather” results in the exact answer highlighted in a little red bar above all the usual links.

It’s been so effective for us that we’ve started wearing balaclavas while typing. All that’s left to do is roundhouse kick punks looking at our browsing history.