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Article • August 1, 2011

Bookmark and Discover Amazing Content

Bundle and share your related links with Bundlr

We’re well known for our storytelling abilities. We’ve even done some professional ghostwriting for this guy we know who goes by Esteban King.

Now when we tell stories we use Bundlr to organize all our links together into one place. It helps us organize our research into one convenient place with links to pictures, videos and articles.

Their bookmarket lets us add relevant links into our story “bundles” without ever leaving the page we’re browsing. For example, one of our bundles explains how Mary Worth turned into Bloody Mary, and another is a collection of the best Bloody Mary recipes.

It’s easy for friends to follow any of your bundles in their RSS feeds, or to share the entire bundle via Twitter, Facebook, or email. You can even collaborate with other Bundlr users if you need help, say, researching Ouija boards.

We’ve already got a busy week of research planned. Esteban has been nagging us to keep filling our bundles with information on small towns in Maine and clowns for some reason.