Store and Retrieve Notes on Your Desktop - Netted
Article • August 2, 2011

Store and Retrieve Notes on Your Desktop

Easily take and organize notes on your computer with Notational Velocity

Netted has a note-taking problem. Notes are incredibly important for our daily routines, but hand us a pad of paper and we’ll just try to type on it.

Luckily, Notational Velocity and Resoph Notes are designed specifically for people who love taking notes, but hate paper. Notational is designed for Mac computers and Resoph adds note-taking excellence to Windows.

As the name implies, Notational Velocity is strictly for speed. There are no navigational buttons, just a bar to enter new notes and search through old ones. It’s pretty much the Ferrari of note taking: sleek, shiny and way too fast.

Resoph adds a little complexity with a tagging system and a number of keyboard shortcuts. The layout is still very simple, but you can easily sort all of your notes into virtual folders by just adding a word or two.

Both automatically sync at all times or export notes you need in a matter of seconds. They also sync up with Simplenote, so you can take your important notes with you everywhere.

Our database of illustrious notes now runs the gamut on everything from apps we love to times where we can sneak in an Angry Birds level or two.