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Article • August 3, 2011

Keep All of Your Favorite Files in One Place

Store files online with the fastest upload time with MiMedia

When Netted first heard about storing files in The Cloud, we walked outside and threw all our vinyl records and CDs at the sky. Imagine our disappointment when we went back inside, sat at our computer and discovered our music files were nowhere to be found.

We eventually realized it was because we hadn’t signed up for MiMedia yet.  It’s a service for Windows users that uploads, stores and updates all your files, pictures and music wherever you have Internet access.

MiMedia sets themselves apart from other cloud storage services with their Shuttle Drive. If you request it, they’ll ship a 250GB hard drive to you to back up all your files much faster than your broadband connection can. Just plug it in, load your files and ship it back – it’s included free with registration.

The program always runs in the background so you don’t even have to schedule backup times. And with the matching app for iOS devices, you can view or modify your digital goods on the go. Though the apps work without a hitch, MiMedia’s desktop program for Mac is still in the works.

The simplicity of two plans means you can upload 7GB of files for free or up to 250GB for $9/month. But since we love you, Netted subscribers can take 50% off memberships by entering the promo code “netted” at checkout. Score!

Thank goodness we never took our tax information and business folders out into the street to try to get them up into The Cloud. That would’ve been pretty disastrous.