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Article • August 5, 2011

Share Any Number of Files in Seconds

Upload and share files in real time with

We only live by three golden rules: Sharing is caring and patience is a virtue, but waiting for files to upload before sending them is absurd.

Finally, offers both incredibly fast upload time and the ability to share links before they’re completely uploaded. Recipients simply wait for the upload on your end to finish and the file is good to go.

Without a single installer or external app in sight, you can upload everything from music to photos and more. Your uploaded files can be accessed up for at least 90 days. also offers analytics so you can see how many people have seen your link. Those adorable pictures of your corgis will be circling Twitter and Tumblr faster than you can track.

It’s the Internet the way it was supposed to be: full of sharing, staring, caring, corgis and impatience.