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Article • August 17, 2011

On Schedule

Take Your Agenda With You

Netted’s list of top five favorite things to do are actually all to do list related. But sometimes we just don’t have the right app to with which to compose our top five lists.

But to our great relief, we found HQ: To Do & Task Lists for iDevices and Astrid for Android devices. HQ brings beautiful graphic design to the table (and by table we mean tablet), while Astrid is a powerhouse of customization and flexibility.

Astrid’s robust site features everything you would expect from web-based to do lists like keyboard shortcuts and email reminders, but with a social twist. When you share your tasks with collaborators, your helpers will get an email and access to the shared list.

Of course, the Android app has all the same features. Besides synching up with all your tasks on Astrid’s website, it can also sync up with Google Tasks.

Or, for the iOS addicts, HQ: To Do & Task Lists lets you assign colors to lists and objectives so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for. It’s extremely fast and simple: selecting items takes no more than a tap and sorting items is just a swipe.

We’ve put new items on the top of to do list: reevaluate our favorite things to do.