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Article • August 22, 2011

Pick the Most Appropriate Outfits for the Weather

Get more from summer's last days with Swackett

The days are getting shorter, the stores are selling tweed and we’re already up to Tropical Storm Zanzibar. It’s hard to believe, but Summer 2011’s days are numbered and going fast. We’ll be sending one tip each day this week to help you get the most out of summer’s last few days. From smart last-minute vacation digs to the ultimate must-have road trip apps, we hope our “Last Call For Summer Guide” will inspire you to get out of town one more time.

Start planning now with Swackett, a super-simple weather site and app for iDevices. Their simple, aesthetically pleasing design allows you to make sense of the forecast in seconds by recommending weather-appropriate clothing. It’s way more intuitive than the usual “30% chance of rain,” though it does provides radar and forecasting options for weather traditionalists.

They also helped us discover that we’ll be getting much more mileage out of our Miami Vice-inspired beach outfits before we retire them for the season.