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Article • August 23, 2011

Stay in Luxurious Apartments and Homes on Every Trip

Trade in your hotel room for an apartment with Roomorama

As seasoned travelers, we often look for ways to spice up our stays away from home. But as much as we love mini-shampoos and free shower caps, there’s something to be said for breaking free from the grip of hotel chains.

Luckily, Roomorama makes visiting a new city about living like a local instead of just visiting touristy landmarks. They replace hotel rooms with apartment rentals, making your travel experience more genuine and memorable than a stay at a generic hotel chain.

And we’re offering $15 off your first stay so you can try it! Just use code “TOS” when you check out.

Their impressive inventory includes properties in 430 locations ranging from Denver to Dubrovnik. Plus each apartment listed also comes with ratings from past renters so you know exactly what you’re getting before you book.

It’s all the charm of the personalized experience, without any of the worry. Roomorama keeps your payment secure, and won’t release it till you confirm that everything’s A-OK. Plus the new Roomorama Perks program will help you live like a local too, with discount offers on the best services, restaurants and attractions.

After all, a homemade omelet beats a sad continental breakfast any day of the week.