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Article • August 25, 2011

Share Trips and Connect with Other Walkers and Hikers

View and share guided strolls, walks and hikes for everyone with EveryTrail

As part of our Last Call for Summer we seriously considered taking up an awesome new extreme sport, like minibike motocross, whitewater tubing or Frisbee golf. Then the clouds parted ways, the sun shone down, and we discovered urban hiking.

Before every Artisanal Coffee Hike or Brooklyn Bridge Walk, we consult EveryTrail. The ultimate guide for walking tours and sightseeing, it’s even appropriate for normal hikes with things like trees and dirt if extreme espressos aren’t for you.

Fellow users who know and love the trail you’re considering prepare every guide so you won’t miss a single beautiful sight.  Guideposts are laid out in Google Maps and paired with instructions, hints and tips.

If you’ve already got your foot out the door, you can download the guide for your smartphone and take it with you on the go. Or you can just download their app and view your guide from there, browse trails nearby or track your trek to easily create a new trail.

It’s safe to say our urban hiking habit has become pretty serious. Be warned, though: Urban camping can get you in serious trouble – unless you’re waiting for the new iPhone.