Check Public Transit for Wherever You're Headed - Netted
Article • August 26, 2011

Check Public Transit for Wherever You're Headed

Find destinations accessible by public transit with Mapnificient

It’s hard to have complete mastery of all the local transit options, especially when you’re on vacation somewhere new. And not everyone’s phone is a Transformer that doubles as a “smart ride.”

If your phone doesn’t answer to “Starscream,” there’s Mapnificent to explain how far you can travel on public transport in a given amount of time.  It’s perfect for planning a local getaway or exploring a vacation destination.

By simply adjusting a slider for the amount of time you have, it adds an overlay illustrating exactly how far you can travel from where you are. Then you can search within that area to find things like bookstores, coffee shops, dentists or whatever flights of fancy you can concoct.

In fact, in Firefox or Opera, when you drop another dot down on the map to represent a friend, you can search for meeting spots right in the intersection.  Whether or not your friend shows, you can adjust travel considerations for things like how you’re only riding bicycles during your stay and time of the day or week.

Honestly, we sometimes use it to just plan our commute. It makes way more sense than yelling, “Smart phone! Transform and rise up!” every time we have to head uptown.