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Article • August 29, 2011

View Recipes From the Best Home Cooks in the World

Find recipes based on what you're craving with Gojee

The problem with food cravings is that when they overlap, hideous concoctions can result. Just ask our friends who lived through our chile con carne con gnocchi phase.

Gojee satisfies our cravings with the best handpicked recipes from tried-and-true food bloggers. Like a trusty sous chef, the site tailors itself to your interests and gets to know your food habits the more you use it to search.

The site takes into account what foods you have in your fridge and which ingredients gross you out (or give you hives). Then they ask what you’re craving, and use all this information to deliver you recipes containing exactly what you want to eat.

It’s a little unfair how good they make the food look: Browsing results are enormous images of delicious-looking dishes. No, seriously, don’t start browsing while hungry.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have some spaghetti and meatballs calling our name.