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Article • August 31, 2011

Stream Beautiful Wallpapers to Your Desktop

Curated art delivered to your desktop with Kuvva

It’s strange what having the same computer desktop background picture can do to you. For instance, we had no idea that stock images of pristine fields and blue skies could trigger feelings of dread after 3 years.

Kuvva turns our computer background into a source of art and surprise. It’s a simple program that changes your desktop background and Twitter profile background with a beautiful new piece of artwork every day.

Every Monday, a new curator chooses a set of seven images, called Kuvvas, to be released daily over the course of the week. Kuvvas automatically change for you, but if one is too distracting, you can choose to skip ahead.

The simplicity is both convenient and mesmerizing. It’s installed and ready to go in seconds and an effortless way to spruce things up. Almost too easily, our static, stuffy imagery is returned to a fresh face every day.

Finally, we have something to brighten up our workspace other than our aging N*Sync poster.