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Article • September 1, 2011

Track Your Job and School Applications

Organize your job hunt or college apps with ApplyMate

For a lot of adults, “Back to School” is just an awkward excuse to get a new pair of sneakers. But the end of summer can also mean a new opportunity to get it together, as it were.

ApplyMate helps anyone looking to make a job change by organizing the hunt.

The site is like a one-stop organizer, letting you add all the positions you’ve applied to and create tasks and follow-up reminders, to make sure you’re following up on every single opportunity. Plus, you can store site- or job-specific deadlines, logins and passwords within your account.

The site is perfect for college students who need a giant checklist to help keep track of all the components of an application like transcripts, recommendation letters and equestrian snowshoe trophies.

We especially like the ability to set customized goals and get email reminders to help keep you moving in the right direction.

We’ve been so productive, we’re setting new heights for things to achieve. Our new goal is is to have “Back to School” renamed “Back to Life, Back to Reality.”