Conquer Childhood Boredom in Your City - Netted
Article • September 2, 2011

Conquer Childhood Boredom in Your City

Find and schedule activities for your kids with RedRover

The most difficult days at the Webby offices are always Bring Your Kids to Work Days. Whereas everyone else shows up with their children, we just keep showing up with our goats.

But for all the people with human kids, RedRover on Android and iDevices will help you easily find the nearest petting zoos and open patches of grass. By adding fellow parents as friends on the app, you can view your upcoming activities and schedule play dates.

Running late? Dropped Timmy’s ice cream down the well? Ran out of Chia Pet seeds? It has a Twitter-like feed that allows you to share breaking kid news with other parents who need to know.

It also curates activity suggestions from local experts, so there’s an instantaneous solution when the kids enter their “I’m bored” broken-record phase. Best of all, it has a location-based list of nearby emergency rooms, just in case.

It’s a beautiful and convenient way to keep your kids social and active. It certainly beats letting them stay in front of the TV, idly chewing their cuds.