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Article • September 6, 2011

Conquer Your Classes and Get Better Grades

Create custom flashcards & notes with StudyBlue

When we were kids, we loved comic books. Especially The Flash. So imagine our excitement when we were told to make flash cards for the first time. You can also imagine our disappointment when we got our grades back.

Our study habits have come a long way, and we’ve started using StudyBlue for all our grown-up learning flash card needs. The sites lets you create digital flashcards with audio and video that can be accessed anywhere, along with your notes and practice tests.

Beautiful charts track your progress and illustrate how many cards you get right all the time, sometimes or never. After checking your progress, StudyBlue automatically sets you up to study the cards you missed, so you can focus on learning from your mistakes.

And since not everyone does their best studying in front of a computer, StudyBlue’s Android and iDevice apps let you take all your flashcards with you, even when your phone isn’t connected to the web.

Link your StudyBlue account up to Facebook and you can post status updates telling friends you’re not responding because you’re busy or ask them to remind you to get back to work. And if you’re more of a traditional studier, StudyBlue can send you a reminder email or SMS message.

Frankly, StudyBlue has every tool you need to learn things like new languages or musical notes faster than you can say, “The Scarlet Speedster just saved my life.”