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Article • September 8, 2011

Automatically Connect with Any Company's Customer Service

Never wait on hold for customer service again with FastCustomer

Ever since we were unfairly kicked out of Air Supply in the late 80s, it’s been too painful to call customer service lines and hear our former band mates playing as hold music. It makes waiting to get a representative on the line unbearable.

Then we discovered the Fast Customer app for iPhone and Android and everything changed. They’ll call a company’s customer service number for you and notify you as soon as you get a human on the line.

All you need to do is select which company you’re trying to reach. Their list is very comprehensive, but you can add any new ones for approval if they’re missing.

After that, just put your phone down and go back to painting your bathroom or watching your Game of Thrones marathon. Your phone will ring as soon as you’ve got a live human ready to answer your questions.

It’s not that we’re against talking to computerized assistants, either…it’s just that we had a messy breakup once and robotic voices always bring back painful memories.