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Article • September 15, 2011

Search and Shop Your Favorite Celeb's Products

Follow celebrities & experts for their favorite products on OpenSky

Say Bobby Flay, Padma Lakshmi, and The Judds are all guests at a dinner party: What do they talk about? Country music? Country-fried steaks? Skirts? Skirt steaks?

Well, they’re all on OpenSky and it turns out they would all probably be talking about their favorite sales. OpenSky’s a whole new marketplace bringing together experts and celebrities to create a highly customizable shopping experience.

You can pick and choose which curators to follow, from Alicia Silverstone and Molly Sims to Guy Fieri and Tom Colicchio. Each one gives you special access to limited-time sales on products they like and wholeheartedly recommend.

Tons of sales are spread across food, health, design, and style categories, so you can easily sort by your interests to find sales you’ll love. Whether it’s Ming Tsai’s ceramic knives or Cynthia Rowley’s sunglasses, there’s always something popping up on sale that the experts can’t live without.

Netted readers can get in on the action with a $10 OpenSky credit just for signing up. Plus, one lucky reader who signs up will win a $500 gift certificate to use on the site.

We’re off to cook up Tom’s Wagyu beef – no gravy necessary. Or was it hop on the gravy train and start beef with Tom? We’ll probably figure it out later, but our priorities right now are all deals all the time.