The Right Track - Netted
Article • September 21, 2011

The Right Track

Count Calories the Easy Way

Sometimes weight loss feels a little like Hansel & Gretel come to life: we try to lose the weight, and it finds its way back via a trail of breadcrumbs.

Fortunately, we’ve found the equivalent of an invisibility cloak: By using Calorific to track no more than portion sizes and ratios of foods, we have retrained ourselves to eat a whole lot better. It’s a very simple app for iPhones and Androids that lets you track your consumption without guilt or complicated calorie plans.

Start by establishing goals and entering some very basic information about yourself, and they’ll provide the information you need to take off the pounds (and eat better). They’re not going to hound you about working out or eating too much bacon because people make mistakes and bacon is the best.

The focus is on a healthy diet so you can look up meals by name, but it’s actually easy to categorize how much you’ve eaten by estimating portions and how good they are for you – great, okay, and bad. Calorific also has a guide for this and, with practice, it becomes so second-nature that documenting each meal doesn’t have to be more than button presses.

The only challenge left for Netted’s collective weight loss battle is to break our addiction to croutons. It just keeps coming back to haunt us.