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Article • September 22, 2011

Read Lightly

Read Anything, Anytime, Anywhere

Here at Netted, we use the internet for more than better living. It turns out there’s a lot of stuff to read on there, too. So much so that our reading list tends to grow even faster than our dirty sock pile.

Thanks to Float, though, we’re back on track. Part RSS reader, part social network, and part document aggregator, Float lets you find, save, and share anything and everything you’d want to read on the web.

You can browse articles and books by interest; share items through Facebook, Twitter, and Scribd; and save things to read for later using their simple bookmarklet. There’s also an iPhone app (with iPad and Android versions in the works) that’ll let you access and share the things you’ve saved when you’re away from your computer.

Using Float has made our entire internet experience better. We no longer have a thousand tabs open in our web browsers with articles we plan on reading later, we’re not forced to continually resize the texts on our iDevices, and it feels like a pleasure instead of a chore when someone sends us something interesting to read.

Best of all, things are formatted with reading in mind. You’re not looking at a clunky webpage; you’re reading some nicely styled text. And the reading experience is super customizable, with variable text sizes and layouts to make things easy on the eyes.

Now that we’re finally on top of all our reading, there’s a laundry pile waiting for us. Good thing we’ll have something to read at the laundromat.