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Article • September 23, 2011

Think Locally

Plan Trips Within Driving Distance of Home

We recently realized that we were more accustomed to the smell of jet fuel exhaust than fresh cut grass or ocean breezes. This got us thinking: why don’t we spend some time where we actually live?

Trazzler wants to help you find and explore interesting places within driving distance of where you live. Their guides cover everything from historical sites and art galleries to culinary institutions and local beaches, all within reach of your home.

The site aims to bolster local economies by making it easier to plan shorter, more frequent trips. If you’re looking to talk up your own town, it’s also easy  to add your own trip suggestions for others.

Why fly hundreds of miles when there are hundreds of things to do that are accessible by car? We’ve already planned a weekend of meandering through colonial era graveyards and eating oysters in Boston.

Trust us when we say there’s nothing wrong with choosing the Mutter Museum of Medical Oddities over the Louvre every now and then.