Go West, Smart Phone - Netted
Article • September 26, 2011

Go West, Smart Phone

Plan your outdoor adventures

We’re not suggesting that you go full-on Thoreau, but there’s something therapeutic about escaping to the great outdoors. Of course, after you pack your canteen, trail mix, and trusty banjo, what’s next?

Fortunately, no matter how far you go off the beaten path, GPS Tuner will help keep you on the right trail. It’s a fantastic smartphone app that ensures your hiking party won’t also require a search party.

Even the biggest of city slickers will find it easy to track and plan trips, whether on foot or in the car. With maps easily downloaded onto your phone for offline use, a compass and a bubble level to stay on course, you relax and enjoy what nature has to offer.

Its social capabilities allow you share your current location and track details on Facebook and Twitter so you’ll never be too far out of touch to brag about your beautiful location to those of us stuck at the office. Prefer to play like the professionals? With GPS Tuner you can chart daylight, direction and altitude, making you the Grizzly Adams of the smartphone generation.

It’s designed for the outdoor aficionado and the brand-new converts alike, but assembling the tent is still up to you. Finally your worst woodland fears won’t be living out the plot of Deliverance, just whether or not you’ll make it back in time to catch it on TNT.