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Article • September 27, 2011

Thank All of the Amazing Teachers That Have Influenced You

Participate in a crowdsourced campaign to thank teachers with ThanksForTeaching.Us

Sure, now we’re glad we spent all that time learning fractions in the second grade. Back then, though, the only way we could think to express our questionable gratitude to our teachers was through lackluster potpourri mixes.

Fortunately, we’ve found something that lets you speak from the heart instead of from the nose. ThanksForTeaching.Us lets you write notes for the teachers who have had the biggest impact on your life. It’s a temporary project that will only be up until October 14th from a fantastic weekly email called TBD, so express your gratitude while you still can.

If you’re able to send your thanks to your teacher directly, great for you! However, almost none of us at Netted know how to get in touch with our old teachers. We certainly don’t have their email addresses; we barely understood that they had lives outside of school. ThanksForTeaching.Us will post your missive on the website in the hopes that someone, somewhere will see the message that knows your teacher, and can point him or her to your expression of gratitude.

So even if you were homeschooled, and you already blew your thank-you-teachers budget on Mothers’ Day, head on over to ThanksForTeaching.Us to see if you recognize any of the teachers (or if you know someone who might recognize them).

We can say – with confidence – that a rancid bag of old wood is only 1/23rd as good as this.