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Article • September 28, 2011

Become the Master of Speed Reading

Learn to read faster with articles you choose with Readfast

When reading was invented during the Industrial Revolution, it was powered by steam. No one really liked it because the steam power kept the whole process agonizingly slow and the moisture kept ruining the pages.

Reading might have recently moved to the Internet, but it was still shockingly slow until Readfast showed up. It takes entire articles and only displays one scrolling line of text at a Words Per Minute rate of your choosing.

You start with a test to find your baseline reading speed and can take quizzes to verify not only that you’re reading fast, but also that your comprehension is still up to snuff. As you begin to practice more, you’ll be surprised to watch your average WPM increase right before your eyes.

Their bookmarklet lets you turn any article you’re reading into a speed-reader’s dream come true. Or you save it for later, browse popular articles and track your progress.

Combining our new fast-reading skills with our preference for slow food means that we’re able to finish the entire morning’s paper before the coffee is even done brewing.