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Article • September 29, 2011

See the Best GIFs on Your "TV"

Watch the best animated GIFs with

Certain things are as beautiful as they are simple. The sky is blue. Fish swim. Flowers bloom. A platypus is a real animal.

In that same vein, GIFs are the Internet’s gift to lovers of beauty and repetition – and no one is making it easier to watch a whole bunch of awesome GIFs than Gif TV. You really only get to do two things: watch a GIF and then watch some more.

But that’s why it’s so fun. Every GIF is suggested by people who’ve been there before and understand why the site’s funny. It’s basically just a curated collection of really awesome images that keep moving and bringing joy.

And if you don’t like a gif, just change the channel. It’s really more of a “next” button, but we don’t want to ruin the whole TV thing, either.

With thousands of GIFs, you have hours and hours of entertainment. Best of all, you can suggest links too, so keeping it as entertaining as it is diverse is entirely up to you.

In fact, we’re embarrassed to admit we’ve lost hours of our life trying to track down a GIF of things as hilariously proportioned as a platypus. So far all we have are narwhals and George Costanza.