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Article • October 3, 2011

Chat Privately With Your Friends

Encrypt your chats for maximum security with Cryptocat

We don’t want you to think that we’re the type of people to wear tin foil hats, but, well, we are. We just love the way they look. And the fact they protect you from the mind-reading x-rays is just gravy.

We’ve finally found a stylish and secure way to chat online that fits our hip/paranoid lifestyle: Cryptocat. With Cryptocat your chat stays secure behind a secret chatroom name, code names and a giant encryption key you pick. It offers more protection than even industrial-strength Reynolds Wrap.

Best of all, the site is super fast and the design is super clean: there’s nothing complicated or fancy to distract you. And after thirty minutes of inactivity, all your data is completely wiped from their servers.

We’ve been using it to keep our newest business model a secret: cardboard shoes. Hey, if metallic hats can become a thing, why not?