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Article • October 4, 2011

Manage and Encrypt Files Across Your Clouds

Find and use your online files more easily with Otixo

We live in an apartment on the 99th floor, so we always thought our proximity to The Cloud would make it easier to find the stuff we store in it. But ever since Mick Jagger told us to get off of his cloud, we’ve been afraid to spend too much time up there trying to look for things.

But everything has had a silver lining since we signed up for Otixo. By syncing cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox and MobileMe there, you can easily search and find any file you’ve uploaded from one central location.

Once you’ve found the files, you can delete them or share them across platforms and services without complicated downloads and uploads – right from the Otixo dashboard. It even generates links so you can share files with friends, family and coworkers for thirty days.

With the time we save on a daily basis, we can pull our head out of The Cloud and go to bed or take a drive downtown when we’re sick and tired and there’s not a soul around.