Twitting Things Done - Netted
Article • October 11, 2011

Twitting Things Done

Use Twitter as a To-Do List

One of the greatest motivators is committing to goals publicly. So you can either drive down to the local high school with a ladder and a paint bucket or use Twitter to collect your to-do list.

With TwitDo you can announce your tasks and their status with a hashtag. TwitDo collects all your tasks at[your Twitter handle] so you can review statuses at your leisure.

And if you’re worried you’re spamming your followers, or burying your witticisms, it’s easy to tweet at dedicated TwitDo accounts instead. Tweeting at the accounts @4todo, @4done and @4undo adds a new task, finishes a task or undoes your new task, respectively. It’s a simple way to tally up everything you need to do – even while you’re procrastinating on Twitter – so there’s no need to learn, open or sync another program.

So shout it from the mountaintops or just quietly mumble from behind your monitor, “I’m finally going to be productive today!” Then retweet another comedian.