Brewmaster - Netted
Article • October 12, 2011


Read What Interests You the Most

Here at Netted, we definitely think that no news isn’t good news. How else would we keep up with the latest “Occupy Sesame Street” happenings? Of course, too much news also isn’t good news. We don’t want to read about a certain Grouch’s dirty laundry; we want to know the latest on the cookie tax.

So to make sure we always catch the very best news we signed up for Percolate. With access to your Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and more, its algorithms figure out which stories matter most so you don’t wallow in the muck.

The pieces you might be most interested in appear in your Brewing column on the right side of your screen. You can then select from a couple of positive or negative reactions that move the item to the Percolating column on the left side of the screen.

If you’re following other Percolators, you’ll get to react to their Percolations and keep the circle of trust growing. The whole process is so good it’s still in Double Secret Alpha testing – but Netted Subscribers get early access for being so awesome!

It’s yet another time- and democracy-saving site brought to you by the letter N.