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Article • October 14, 2011

Create ASCII Art Without Painstakingly Typing

ASCII art made easy with ASCIIFlow

In about sixth grade or so, we used to be in raucous state-wide Crayon art competitions. As we aged, everyone moved on to their fancy Photoshops, Microsoft Paints and ASCII designs.

We felt left out until we finally found the balance between painstakingly typing out ASCII art and creating beautiful drawings with ASCIIFlow. With its tools you can draw octopi out of the letter “o” or airplanes out of every symbol on your keyboard.

Simple controls let you draw boxes and lines, type sentences, and delete your mistakes. For more serious applications, you can easily create diagrams and export your results in HTML.

But for everyone else, this is a whole bunch of fun in a tiny little package. Now you can easily tweet wordy pictures or post illustrative graphics to your blog.

It took something like thirty years, but ASCIIFlow has finally been enough for us to retire our bullhorns and telescoping Crayon towers.