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Article • October 17, 2011

Organize Your Recipes the Easy Way

Manage and share your favorite recipes with Recipefy

Before the microwave oven was invented, whipping up a bowl of ramen noodles was an art and a sign of your cooking prowess. Now, it’s three minutes.

In order to reclaim our cooking supremacy, we’ve started using Recipefy. Besides keeping track of our best recipes and exploring new favorites, we’re making great progress toward proving that the microwave is a cooking tool – not an oven replacement.

What sets Recipefy apart from other recipe organizers is the built-in social component. Sure, it’s a breeze to upload and write your own recipes, but it’s also super simple to share your recipes with your friends and find cooks to follow for new dishes.

Joining is easy: you can connect using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google accounts (or start a new one). Once set up, you can import your existing friends from there for an instant social-snacker network. After that, just upload your recipes, find new ones, and get cooking.

Of course, the better you get at cooking, the easier it will be to explain why mis en place means more than “fold the lid halfway back.”