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Article • October 18, 2011

Create a Simple and Effective Countdown Timer

Count down with ease with ItsAlmo.St

According to most scholars, Erwin Schrödinger will probably never leave the top of PETA’s “Worst Scientists” List. No one is willing to forgive him for trying to prove that seemingly contradictory states can occur at the same time by boxing up cats.

Unlike Professor S., you can make things happen humanely at the same time by using a very simple countdown timer called Every countdown you dream up generates a unique URL you can share with your friends to coordinate activity.

Besides turning synchronizing into a minute task, setting up a string of countdowns in one session is infinitesimally difficult when you click the “New Countdown” button. The “My Countdowns” option traps all your new ones in case you entangle the wrong links while spreading countdowns among your networks.

Or, use them as a personal reminder system, but don’t forget to keep them open until the physical alarm begins waving at the top of your browser. Most of ours are just time limits to make sure we don’t waste too much time wondering why people ever let Schrödinger adopt their cats in the first place.