Visualize and Design Your Ideal Room and Home - Netted
Article • October 19, 2011

Visualize and Design Your Ideal Room and Home

Design your dream room with Autodesk Homestyler

Some people blame budget cuts; some people say it’s just impractical. But our sources at NASA tell me that the only reason we don’t have a moon base yet is that no one can agree on an decorating scheme.

Fortunately, Netted found the way to plan the inner spaces of outer space: Autodesk Homestyler. It’s an online 3D home design tool with surprisingly quick functions and a gentle learning curve.

Visualizing your potential awesome layouts starts with simply dragging and dropping floors. Resize them and throw in some beds. Maybe you need a sink, a cabinet, or a moon viewer (that’s the space name for a window). And once you’ve got it all in there, a 3D visualization of your sweet pad is just one click away.

We’re using it to design our astronaut ice cream parlor, coming soon to a crater near you.