Amen To That - Netted
Article • October 24, 2011

Amen To That

Debate Life's Bests And Worsts

Team Netted has been really excited about the World Series. We don’t necessarily care who wins or loses; we just really, really like ranking things.

Which is why we’ve lost countless hours playing around with Amen. Amen is all about deciding what’s best and what’s worst. Take a simple statement, like “The World Series is the Best Series Ever,” and vote it up with a resounding “Amen” or a dismissive “Hell, no!”

If you disagree, you can chime in with your own opinion (the Fourier Series, The Wire, whatever). Or start something entirely new. And because life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, Amen lets you pontificate on the worst things, too. Best of all, you get to see how things stack up against each other.

Just sign up or log in with Facebook to join the debate. It’s so addictive, you’ll be needing a seventh inning stretch.