KIT - Netted
Article • October 25, 2011


Tell People How To Get In Touch

Now, at the end of 2011, there are just so many ways to get in touch. And if we at Netted prefer to try out our recently-trained carrier pigeons, well, we’d hope you’d respect that. is the latest offering from MIT’s famed Media Lab and the Harvard Berkman Center that can make your life better. The idea is simple: You select from a list of ways to reach you, rank them, and viola, you have a Protocol. It tells people how you’d prefer to be reached so you don’t get a phone call when you’d really, really prefer just to text.

You can add comments to let them know that you’ll be available to gchat, say, between ten and two. Once you have everything set up, gives you the code to embed your Protocol in your webpage. And sign up fast to get a good customized address ( to share your protocol with others.

Our only complaint is that they don’t have carrier pigeon on their list. Let this count as your notice.