Shop Your Favorite Trends of the Month - Netted
Article • October 31, 2011

Shop Your Favorite Trends of the Month

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Netted’s early 90s rap career was a serious disappointment, from both the music and fashion perspective… it turns out MC Hammer was the wrong mentor in a lot of ways.

These days we’re following the lead of the experts over at OpenSky, who provide their fashion picks, as well as health, design and food recommendations. There are no parachute pants in sight, but they do have a pretty amazing giveaway for a half-dozen Christian Louboutin shoes if you become a member today – the contest is just one day only!

Even if the shoes don’t end up with you, there are tons of great sales on items selected by curators like designer Cynthia Rowley or model Molly Sims. They make fashion foolproof, so you won’t be condemned to repeat the same mistakes Netted made in 1994.

However, we are considering getting the group back together to do a remake of our almost-hit, “It’s All About the Louboutins.” We’ll keep you posted.