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Article • November 8, 2011

Get Insider Access to the Best Wines

Upgrade your holiday table with hand-picked wines from invino

Out there in the real world, it’s about separating the wheat from the chaff. The men from the boys. The Dungeon Masters from… whatever you call the other people.

This holiday season we’ll be skipping 12-sided anything and going straight to invino for expert advice on our feasting festivities. Specifically, we’re looking for wine recommendations that meet their (impressive) stamp of approval.

All wines on invino meet their tasting panel’s strict standards while boasting price discounts of up to eighty percent off. And they’re based in Sonoma, which we hear is where they separate the grapes from the vine. Or something. (This is why we need an expert.)

Now Gillian Balance, one of invino’s Master Sommeliers, could be your personal expert, if you’re lucky. One Netted reader who signs up for invino will get a selection of holiday wines, hand-picked specifically for them by Gillian.

Plus they’ll receive premier invino access, which means advance access to wine sales, VIP wines, and special sommelier services – perks normally reserved for their most elite customers.

And even if you don’t win, they still have the right wine (at the right price) for turkey, turkey sandwich, turkey sandwich day 2, and turkey chili.