The Great Debate - Netted
Article • November 9, 2011

The Great Debate

Have Civil Discussions on the Internet

The inventors of the internet dreamed of a vast, open marketplace of ideas, where humans could share, discuss, and disagree to allow the best ideas of mankind to flourish. And now there’s YouTube comments.

To reintroduce a little class into the modern debate, there’s finally TwoSides. It’s a way to talk about issues that’s a little bit classy, a little bit structured, and a whole lot more civil than what we’re used to.

It’s one of the few places where it’s actually okay to discuss either religion or politics. There’s even a special section dedicated to Election 2012, in case you want to see with whom your issues most align – instead of engaging in another personality contest.

The results are fast, beautiful and concise, making it very easy to see where the majority on every issue lies. You can also compare your views and issues with other users for a better understanding of why you can’t quite seem to see eye to eye.

The ability to debate like an adult and without losing our cool is a weird feeling. But we like it. We’re sure you’d agree.