Turn Your Photos Into Incredible Painting Experiences - Netted
Article • November 11, 2011

Turn Your Photos Into Incredible Painting Experiences

Edit your photos like a true modern artist with Psykopaint

As we can see from all kitten photosets on Tumblr, pop art is more focused on animal-centric artwork now than ever before. And beholders are fooled into thinking art is more beautiful by computers controlled by mice on a daily basis.

Harnessing that power and sweetening photos has never been easier than with Psykopaint. An array of brushes let you add the trademark brushstrokes of some of your favorite painters as if they’d been personally reincarnated to drone away happily on this year’s honey of a family photo.

It’s deceptively simple and provides more and more treats as you continue to experiment. A couple of tools like Brushes, Spraycans or the Crazy Cannon all have adjustable sizes and specific settings (so your photo looks like a Sisley or Seurat and so on).

Each tool has keyboard shortcuts affiliated with it, too, so you can quickly switch between pixelating a tiny area or adding a honeycomb of effects across a wide swath. Exporting, sharing or saving to take a stab at later is then another couple of clicks away.

We’re just glad to have the opportunity to spread the sweet nectars of our minimal labor and brilliant artistic vision. Yet, we’re still having too much fun editing to let our bee-holder potraits roam beyond our loving care right now.