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Article • November 14, 2011

Pillow Talk

Google Takes on Hotel Search

With the pressures of researching, planning and booking, it’s no surprise that 74% of families get so stressed by their vacation that they actually leave at least one child home alone.

Keep everyone together by finding an affordable hotel on Google Hotel Finder. You can easily sort through entire cities by star rankings, user ratings, price, dates and area.

Best of all, every hotel has their price on that date compared with their normal rates. So if you find two perfect hotels, but one is upping its prices because of demand or season, you can quickly hone in on the best hotel for the best price.

Or maybe you’re planning a trip and you’re just not sure about where you really want to spend your vacation? Just throw your picks in your shortlist and you can come back and review them later.

The savings don’t stop at hotels: just think of how much less you’ll spend on zany contraptions to foil dimwitted but occasionally charming robbers.