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Article • November 15, 2011

Create Digital Business Cards and Share Via SMS

Make your phone your business card with Contxts

When you’re the overseas correspondent for Lion Tamers’ Quarterly, there are generally more pressing issues than remembering your business cards. Especially if you also publish an email about better living through the Internet in your spare time.

So instead of business cards, we use Contxts. When your newest acquaintance texts your username to 50500, they’ll get a reply with the contact information you’ve uploaded. Besides your name, email address and phone number, it also includes a link to your profile with your employer and official title.

And if you have an iPhone, the Contxts app will add all your new best friend’s complete information to its contacts list. You can also send it via email, phone number or username from within the app. Or, if it’s too loud to explain everything, hold your iPhone sideways and it’ll show your username and the number to text.

Because we can’t always remember to carry cards, and because not all of us are quite as recognizable as Siegfried or Roy.