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Article • November 21, 2011

Here's To Your Health

Research What Ails You with Medify

The bad news: You’ve been diagnosed with sinusitis.

The even worse news: You totally zoned out when the doctor explained what sinusitis is.

Before trusting your health to a Google search, head to Medify. The database contains over 1.5 million published studies from professional medical researchers, all searchable by condition or treatment.

The results page is broken down into helpful categories like top treatments, potential causes, and other conditions associated with your ailment. Delve into research from top-rated institutions, or look to the masses in the community section for crowd-sourced information and recommendations.

No illness is too big or small, from the common cold to diagnoses straight out of an episode of House (it’s probably autoimmune).

In your case, good news: Sinusitis is only a sinus infection.

Now about that Attention Deficit Disorder…